Who Am I?

“Many people in this world are still so identified with every thought that arises in their head. There is not the slightest space of awareness there.”Eckhart Tolle

When seeking to develop self-awareness you should always start by asking yourself-

Who am I?

You want to ask this question from a quiet place, a feel good place, a place allowing you to filter out all the noise from your day and your surroundings. Self-awareness is an exploration of your inside. Self is you, awareness is learning more about you. To be true to yourself, you first need to know yourself.

Self-awareness refers to your feelings, your behaviors, your character, and your desires. When you ask yourself who am I, listen intently to your answer. The answer you give is important and valuable. You’re likely to hear the truth about yourself, as you see it. Self-awareness is about what you think, not what others think. Your value or worth can only be determined by you.


Have you ever given any real thought about your true feelings? When something negative happens to you, does it make you feel sadness, anger? When you’re challenged do you want to run away or do you feel the need to stand strong and fight back? Do you show others your feelings or keep them hidden inside where they're safe? When something positive happens to you, do you smile and jump for joy or do you stay calm and text, tweet, post, and email your feeling? Do you ever think about how you feel or do you react?


How do you behave when something in your life is interrupted? What do you do first? Do you hastily react and do something that a few minutes later you wish you could undo? Being aware of how you typically behave in situations can save you from embarrassments and prevent the need for an undo.


Your character holds the most weight! Character is defined as “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” I think your character is a combination of your feelings and your behaviors. Do you know if your character is good or bad? Do you act the same all the time or do you flip-flop about things?

“Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree.”Abraham Lincoln

Your character is who you are when no one’s looking. Is doing the right thing Important to you?


Do you have any idea what you desire out of your life? Do you give much thought to desires, other than those with instinctive drive? Do you take the time to enjoy thoughts of desire? What types of foods do you desire? What types of surroundings do you desire? What do you want? What do you like? Are you creative? Do you like to grow things? Do you like to paint? Are you musical? Do you like to write? Are you adventurous? I recommend answering these questions and more.

Know Yourself Any Better Yet?

Being self-aware means you understand your strengths, emotions, and limitations. Your strength comes from your ability to hold-up under fire. Your strength is to stay true to what you believe-in, when challenged. Self-awareness gives you emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is you being aware of and how to express your emotions. When someone tests your belief how do you react? Do you stay calm or do you fly off the handle and strike back? Everyone has limitations, things their afraid of. Knowing your limitations can save your life. Surpassing your limitations can help you grow and become more.

While on your quest for self-awareness, if you find something about yourself that you would like to change, don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, do it, do it now. Ask someone you trust someone that will be unbiased and boldly truthful, what they think of you as a person. This will be scary to do and can be a wake-up call. This one piece of feedback can be of utmost value when seeking self-awareness.

Ninety five percent of what we do each day is done on auto pilot. Your subconscious mind handles your daily habits; you do these things with little or no thought. To me that’s a scary high number. I think we should be way more aware of what we’re doing.

Benefits of being self-aware

When you’re self-aware you’ll have more trust in yourself.

When you’re self-aware you’ll behave more rationally.

When you’re self-aware you’ll like who you are.

When you’re self-aware you’ll realize that you are a person of distinction.

When you’re self-aware you’ll not worry as much.

When you’re self-aware you’ll be more positive.


Is self-awareness something you learn? Yes, you can and should learn as much as possible about how to be more self-aware.

Is self-awareness something you can improve-upon? Of course, as you learn about yourself you will find things you want to change or behave differently about.

“Start each day being aware of and grateful for every breath you take.”

Don’t walk out the door of your home again without first asking yourself “Who Am I”

How many of you wish you had better self-awareness?